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Classic Bloody Marys

 Bloody Mary

 Algonquin Bloody Mary

 Arthur's Bloody Mary

 Buddy's Bloody Mary

 Bloody Mary Punch


Spicy Bloody Marys

 Bloody Biker

 Wasabi Bloody Mary     

 Bloody Murphy 

 Mesa Grill's Spicy  Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary's Creative Cousins

    The Red Snapper 

    The Bloody Maria 

    The Highland Mary

    Danish Mary 

    Russian Mary 

    Bloody Mariner

    Bloody Bull

    Bloody Mary Jolly

    Don's Bloody Mary

    Patti's Irish Bloody Mary

    Bloody Maru

    Bloody Pearl Harbor

    Sundried Tomato Bloody Marys

    Fiery Caesar

    Sizzling Caesar

    La Michelada




Are you ready to learn everything possible about the the Bloody Mary. I'm a big fan of the vodka and tomato juice cocktail. Oki, I 'm the biggest  Bloody Mary fan ever!

A Bloody Mary is the perfect brunch drink on a Sunday afternoon. I love Bloody Marys so much I've created this website devoted entirely to them. Here you'll find over 20 classic and contemporary bloody mary drink recipes.

Perhaps you'd like to try a Bullshot with Beef Bullion, or the Bloody Mary's predecessor, the Red Snapper with a splash of gin; or spice it up with jalepeno and horseradish. Mix your Mary With beer insteady of vodka for a tasty Michelada. 
If you're having company, make a pitcher of Boody Marys, or try the bloody mary punch.

The possibilities are endless, so take your pick.   I've scoured the world and I'm now revealing the secrets for the best Bloody Mary Recipes on the planet.

Happy Holidays!  There's no better way to celebrate than with a Bloody Mary.